Drop that beat!…but don’t drop my drums!

Yesterday I ran a few errands around town with my beloved, only to return home and find a few of the guys poking around behind our trailer.  As I pulled in the drive I saw Joe, Eric, and Chris grinning like a few wrongdoing children.  “What the $%^@ are they doing?” I thought as I motioned for Chris to move his Honda “race car” so I could pull in all the way.  I hurried over to see what all the excitement was about only to find a big black box.  It was then that I realized we have been in the market for a drum case and the boys had driven across town that morning to pick up a used one.

On items such as this I don’t like to refer to them as “used” per se, but rather “seasoned with character.”  Buying equipment “seasoned with character” is a tradition in the music industry that bands have been utilizing since before Elvis was shaking his goods.  And now we can shake our goods all across the nation without having to worry about a ripped drum head because Cody took the speed bump too aggressively!

Congrats Chris “Puffalo” Green on your new drum case; a well seasoned addition to the trailer!

Crooks Out!

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