Welcome to Montana Boys!!!….Yeeehaaaaoouuddyyshhoootemuupp!

After an epic weekend on the road, The Crooks are back in ‘The Crook Lair’ pounding away at booking for the coming months.  Driving home through the great State of Montana we all were in a daze from what had just happened.  Whether it was the “Big Sandy Water” or the Montana-style breakfast, we were haggard and starving for sleep.  However, we made it home in one piece and not a minute too soon.  Sleep and rejuvenation were on all of our to-do-lists.

After playing to a VERY appreciative crowd in Big Sandy and living off of an accumulative ten hours of sleep in two days we pressed on West-bound to Missoula to play at The Top Hat; all the while discussing how and where we were going to sleep that night.  We were attempting to leave it all up to Rich to hook up with a girl so she could invite the whole band back to her house…that would work right???  Before the show we decided to receive some sustenance from The Pita Pit across the street from the venue and all sat down to eat our Philly Cheesesteaks and Chicken Wraps.  We were the only group in the fine establishment except for two young ladies sitting quietly together in the corner.  As I was eating my pita I noticed Joe get up to talk to one of the ladies.  As it turned out she was Joe’s old college roomates’ sister.  She also happened to be the only person Joe semi-knew in Missoula, Montana.  It’s true what they say, “the world gets smaller when you travel.”  So, needless to say we had found our place to stay that night.  We also were able to recruit two more audience members to the show; considering it was a ‘hopping Sunday night!’

Thank you to all of our new and old friends who came out and gave us support this weekend in Big Sandy and Missoula, Montana!  We all are grateful!   With special thanks to Josh and the gang at Peps Bar and Lanes, Mathew Meyers for letting us crash and feeding us some down home Montana-style breakfast, and Carly Anderson and roommates for letting us crash in Missoula!

…oh yeah, and we shot a lot of guns cuz’ that’s what you do in Montana!

Crooks Out!

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