A Fair to Remember Cont’d

Holy jeeze what a weekend!  As I sit here typing in the Crook Layer and recount the memories of this past weekend, I can’t help but wonder what more is to come for the band.  As a full band we have only been together for about a year and a half and already we have ascended many hills in the music industry!  Yes, we have many more to come and much more work to do to get our music heard, but for what it is and what we have become as a band, looking back we have come far.  This morning, as I was finishing up my morning yoga routine, my fiance called with news that makes any up and coming musician do a little dance for joy.  “Your on the radio!,” she yelled while driving through downtown Wenatchee, Washington.  “The Aftermath is playing on Coho!”  “Wow!,” I thought; how awesome is this?  Last weekend we played at the Salmon Festival and were able to get in contact with Issak at Coho Radio.  They put us on the rotation and boy howdy the rest is history!

A Day in the Life of a Crook: Chris Green, musician, late insurance salesman, activist, tourist, herbsman, percussionist extraordinaire, and James Brown impressionist.  If any of you know the history of The Crooks you know that Chris Green has been here before the birth of the band as it is today.  He is one of the best percussionists that I have ever had the pleasure of working with and I am honored to take the stage with him at every concert.  Chris “ohnohedidn’t” “Verde” Green is a special guy.  He has passion for every beat he hits and a smile for every person he meets.  If you haven’t yet acquainted yourself with Green please do so at our next show.  Cody Beebe and The Crooks will be in Pullman next week on Wednesday, October 6th at The Coug and at the WSU Fieldhouse on Saturday, October 9th before the Homecoming Football Game!

Crooks Out!

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