A Look Back…

Well, we did it.  The Crooks arrived safely in Seattle very early this morning and are enjoying some much-needed TLC from our beds, loved ones, and ourselves.  Being on the road for almost three weeks, and in such tight quarters with six other dudes, can weigh on an individual.  Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to be making music and memories with; however, it’s nice to have some ‘me’ time.  Time to reflect on our adventures.  Time to meditate, breathe deeply, and ponder on the growth of our band and the dynamics of our relationships with one another.   This was our first semi-extensive tour as a full band.  Coming away from it with good attitudes, great memories, and a more defined sense of love and respect for one another helps us to look forward to our up-coming seven week tour.

Five radio interviews, 11 concerts (including one in-store appearance at Music Millennium records), 2,347 miles, hundreds of fans, family and friends, 43 ham rolls, one unforgettable sunset in southern Oregon, and seven brothers equals one monumental two-and-a-half-week tour.

Thank you to: Chuck and Toni for all the great food and allowing us to invade your house for a night in Olympia, Terry and Music Millennium in Portland, OR, Rian Lewis our good friend in Portland for allowing most of The Crooks to invade for a night, all of our friends (new and old) at this years Western Fairs Association Convention in Reno, NV, Tammy and Kevin for our favorite place to crash and your continued love and support of our dream, Kari and Jeff for the road snacks, Brandon and Kelly for allowing us to invade your beautiful home, Cody and everyone at Tri-Tech, Bob and the Coug, Dave and everyone at John’s Alley, Moscow/Pullman Daily News, The Daily Evergreen, DJ’s Jazzy Jess and Sleazy T at KZUU 90.7FM, 92.5FM Radio Free Moscow, 88.1FM KCWU, 94.9FM the Wolf in Kennewick, 88.1FM The Edge in Kennewick, Steph, Blaze, Casey and everyone at Old Schoolhouse Brewery, Dicky for allowing us to play tetris with our sleeping bags in your living room and the delicious breakfast sandwiches, and everyone else who helped to make this tour possible.  We can’t thank you all enough for your continued support of our craft!


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  • Amber Linn on

    So glad to hear you guys are alive and well after eating food I cooked…

    but seriously. You guys are amazing and all the best wishes for you!

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