‘Bitter Run’ Download to Benefit Melodic Caring Project

The hospital room’s ceiling was armored with an obscene amount of popcorn texture.  Anchored to my veins with razor sharp needles, plastic tubes served as the chains between my arm and life preserving vessels that chirped, beeped, and toned in surreal, calming timbres.  A surgical steel pin protruded from either side of my leg just below the knee, affixing to an almost comically complex apparatus of weights, pulleys, and harnesses.  I was ten years old, in traction with a shattered femur, and bed-ridden for months.

To me, the ceiling was an inverted topographical map.  I couldn’t sit up well because of the apparatus, so my default focus was always the off-white and progressively yellowing, three-dimensional topography of that ceiling.  Every morning it was the first sight to greet me, and every night it was the final thing that looked back at me.  I memorized specific mountains and mountain ranges. I watched the occasional insect traverse divides and passes that were little more than some anonymous texture gun’s passing fancy.

I was rarely alone.  Friends, family, even the local minor league team came to visit…  and I wasn’t nearly as sick as some of the other children on my floor.  I was going to get better.  

Still, for them and for me, there were hours reserved for the ceilings or windows or walls  - serenaded by a ticking clock – that no adult could protect us from.


Bitter Run

In the winter of 2011, the band was in Central Washington writing what would become our most recent album Out Here.  There was one night that I will never forget.  Cody’s grandfather had just lost his battle with cancer, and his uncle had just been diagnosed.  In our collective families, we were almost all dealing with sickness, divorce, pain, disease…  And, suddenly, this hook that Cody had been toying with for some time made sense to us.  We all understood what the bitter run was.  As we warmed ourselves by a fire and watched the frost reflect the stars, verses and lyrics materialized around the story.

It is the story of Cody’s grandmother after the loss of her husband.  It is the story of a parent after the loss of their child or a child that has lost their parent.  It is the story of those that are left behind, of separation, of loss, and coping.

It is a song that helped our band and the individuals in it heal during a dark time.

We’ve told that story in song, and, soon, we will tell it on screen. On February 4, we will release the music video for “Bitter Run.”

It is our hope that the song and story will continue to help people, heal, and give them hope.  So, with the release of the video, we will also be re-releasing “Bitter Run” as a single on bandcamp.com to raise money for a very special organization called Melodic Caring Project.

Streaming performances over the internet, Melodic Caring Project brings LIVE music to hospitalized children undergoing prolonged stays.  They refer to the children as “The Rockstars,” and the performers and organization make these Rockstars the star of the show.  It is an incredibly inspiring experience for the musicians and the audience; it is truly healing for the children.

Beginning February 4, you can download “Bitter Run” from the Bitter Run/Melodic Caring page on bandcamp.com for any amount you choose.  All of those proceeds will go directly to Melodic Caring Project and help to bring LIVE music to hospitalized children. Our goal is to raise $2500 for this incredible organization.

Please, if you are able, help us to use this song to heal others and bring hope into their lives through music.  If you can’t help monetarily, consider showing your support by spreading the word.

Thank you for lending a hand.

-Aaron Myers


Melodic Caring Project’s Mission:
The mission of the Melodic Caring Project is to bring genuine love and compassion together with the medically proven healing properties of music and share them with children in need.

Melodic Caring Project’s Vision:
To provide love, encouragement and healing through music to every child in need and to inspire our communities worldwide to do the same.

Visit Melodic Caring Project’s Website


Bitter Run
Beebe // Myers // Catron // Miller // Green

Everyone’s wondering what is on your mind

Everyone’s leaving here, some before their time
The look in your eye says you’re on your knees
I wish I had the words, I’d say anything

The bitter run will leave you dry
The bitter run is gonna lead you on

As the cool dust flies
It’ll take you by surprise
As the cool dust flies
It’s gonna lead you home

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
It’s a bitter run we’ve taken, taken all on trust
We’re only flesh and bone and our veins will rust
If our heart is a time bomb, the question is love

The bitter run will get you high
The bitter run is gonna lead you home

As the cool dust flies
It’ll take you by surprise
As the cool dust flies
It’s gonna lead you home

As the cool dust flies
It’s gonna lead us home


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