Boys will be boys…

To be a mature contributing adult in society, one must take on big responsibilities and learn to cope with the stresses that come along with them.  More than anything, you have to quit acting like a child and start acting like a “grown up” in any situation that presents itself. Well, one thing is for sure, everyone in the band likes holding on to their childish nature…only when the moment presents itself, of course.

If you know any of us in the band, then you know we are all educated respectable humans who take being in this band very seriously and professionally.  However, we do tend to de-stress from time to time and always remember to feed our spirit.  Whether it be a quick toss of Frisbee in the street, going to the park for a Seattle sunset, or refining jump kicks, we do our best to let go of our adult worries and cares by just being boys again.

At least three to four days a week we head down to our local Carkeek Park for some Frisbee gaming and beach combing.  Cody, Joe, Rich, Eric, and myself went down on Tuesday to do the usual post-work recreational activities.  We were able to get out our jollies with a perfect sunset as our backdrop.

Don’t ever forget about your inner-child.




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