CBC On Tour with Austin Jenckes

Everyone has a story. When it starts, where it leads and how it ends are somewhat of a mystery. For artists, life can be even more unpredictable.

Exposing yourself to the masses and their unscrupulous opinions is not for the faint of heart. As a band, we have done it for years and had an unabashed experience. Our friend Austin Jenckes recently had the opportunity to expose himself to the world. As a contestant on the current season of ‘The Voice,’ Austin has captivated and thrilled us all. Seeing a close friend bearing his soul in front of a national audience is both inspiring and terrifying. Having watched him begin his musical career in modest coffee houses, seeing him progress as a human and a performer, and then follow him into the global spotlight has been a magical ride.

Austin, we are proud of you man, maybe we can play some shows together soon…

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