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There’s no doubt that being in a band is a lot of fun.  However, being on stage and actually performing our music is not even the half of it.  In fact, I would say playing music equates to about 5% of our time and efforts, with the other 95% going toward other aspects of the business.

This may come as a surprise to a few of you, but just take wineries or breweries for example.  Sure, you get to show up to a tasting room and try their delicious concoctions right as you enter the building.  However, before they pour their craft into your tasting mug, the master brewer had spent countless hours, weeks, months, and in some cases, years to reach the end product.  A band is really no different.

Being a seven-piece band, we have the advantage of accomplishing a lot together.  So far, we have been lucky enough in putting our efforts together; with a few of us shining in certain departments.  One key aspect of being a good leader is job delegations.  That doesn’t just mean assigning jobs to whoever.  It means seeking out specific talents within the members of the business and allowing them to shine.  Cody, and the rest of us, have done a great job coming into our own organically.  As a collective, we have a strong marketing, business, accounting, broadcasting/recording, and music theory background; all of which happen to be key elements in the working engine of a small up and coming band.  Go Crooks!

Any member disputes?  It’s simply solved the old fashioned way!  Arm wrestling.

We are stoked to see some of our family and friends at The Brick Saloon this Friday, April 15th!  Show starts at 9pm!


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Back Home…

As I sit here typing this I am back in a familiar place; our home in Seattle.  The band officially finished the Southwest Tour on Monday, April 4th with our last gig being at Central Washington University.  CWU is a familiar place for us to play and we are always warmly welcomed by the students and staff alike!  A special thanks to our friend Amber Linn and her family for treating The Crooks to lunch after the show.  What a great final finish to a wonderful tour!

Our last few dates were jam packed and we were hustling all around Washington and some of Oregon to finally make a valiant finish!  On Friday, April 1st we played up on Chinook Pass for a private mountain party.  And what a party it was!  Not only were we celebrating a few local birthdays, but it also just happened to be our own Aaron Myers’ b-day as well!  Wow!  Well, at least we survived to tell about it!

Our next stop was up at Mount Hood Meadows!  We played up at the main ski lodge for both Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  Not only did the staff go out of their way to make our stay comfortable, but they also provided us with daily meals, lodging, and free lift tickets!  Holy jeeze…I can’t wait to play at “The Hood” again!  Needless to say, I took them up on the free lift tickets and spent my Sunday morning on the hill.

On Sunday morning around 7:30 am, Eric was nice enough to give me a lift down to highway 35 where I proceeded to stick my thumb out and further myself up the mountain.  After about 5 minutes a friendly guy named Chris pulled over and gave me a lift to the nearest parking lot and I was on my way to a great day on the slopes.  All I can say is, “powder, powder, powder!”  Woo!  It was great.  

In other news, Chris is finally home to his “Babbas!” and Mr. Cody Beebe has a new piercing!  What did he get pierced you ask?  Well, you’ll just have to come to our next show and see for yourself!.

Cody Beebe & The Crooks will be performing at The Brick Saloon in Roslyn, WA this Friday, April 15th!  Show starts at 9pm!


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Oh, Washington!

So, after much deliberation and careful, emotional talks among the band members, we have decided to go our separate ways.  The band is officially breaking up.


APRIL FOOLS!  Just yankin ya!  We’re doing awesome.  Surprisingly, after two months on the road everyone is still alive and well!Hey folks!  …Oh and Happy Birthday to Aaron!!!!

I’m really sorry I have been so dang illusive recently with the blog posts.  A personal family emergency coupled with lots of driving in the van and many shows during the tail-end of this tour, has seemed to resulted in a blog posting vacation.  

The band has been warmly greeted once again by our fans and friends in the greater Pullman/Moscow area!  Our show at the Coug went flawlessly and seemed to be more of a big Pullman party!  John’s Alley was the shiz and fans packed the place for a Thursday night.  We were scheduled to open for Elephant Revival but when we arrived the show got switched on us.  So, after last minute facebook posting and calls to friends to let them know that we are going on late, the show went on and it was a success!

Stayed tuned for our next blog…Cody will be posting about our adventures and probably will disclose some inside information about some nasty tour secrets!  Ooohhh!

Cody Beebe & The Crooks will be performing up at Chinook Pass for a private mountain party tonight (4/1/11)

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