I met an older fella named Doug

Thanks for your patience and understanding regarding the lapse between blog posts!  Thank goodness you aren’t our friends because we are talented and prolific writers!  Anyway, we have collectively agreed to make the blog a priority, and we all look forward to doing our due diligence.  As far as the music goes, we are all very excited about the direction and the depth of the new music we are creating and we look forward to sharing it with all of you!  Our Summer schedule is booked out solid and we have so many exciting events coming up that it wouldn’t do any good trying to recite them all to you now; the website has all of the info you will need to come share an evening or 2 with us this summer!

            All 5 of us will be taking turns writing the blog and I think it will be really cool for you all to get a little better understanding of us as individuals; what we do with our spare time, our favorite local hikes, our pet peeves, our favorite meals, etc.  There are many of you that know us as close friends, and there are many more casual fans that would perhaps like to be a bigger part of this journey we find ourselves on.  It is you, the fans, that make this dream possible for us, and please believe me when I say that we genuinely cherish and appreciate every ounce of support that you have all provided over the years.  Thank you.

            After having traversed the country a couple times, I think back to all of the seemingly random people that I have encountered and shared precious moments with.  Are they really just random people that happened to be in the same city, at the same time, at a CBC show?  I am increasingly convinced that these “random” interactions aren’t random at all.  Does everything happen for a reason?  I don’t have all the answers, but I do believe that if you keep your brain aware and your heart engaged, life has a way of rewarding you.

            Yesterday at work, I met an older fella named Doug.  He was on the hunt for some daphne plants, and I was happy to help him pick a couple out.  As we were walking and talking about the weather, (as us old men do) I commented on his very nicely crafted pearl snap western shirt, and told him that I play in a band and wear those things during concerts (as many of you know, we Crooks try to out-do each other with vintage pearl snaps, but I digress).  When I told Doug that I was a local musician, his demeanor noticeably changed.  He looked me dead in the eyes and said, “Son, I kinda have a crazy story.”

Percussionist and Blog Auther Joe Catron wearing a western pearl snap.

Percussionist and Blog Author Joe Catron wearing a western pearl snap, much like the one Doug had on when the two met.

            Doug went on to tell me that several years ago, he and his wife were about to go to bed for the evening, but he couldn’t get to sleep because he had some words running through his head.  He told me that he just kept hearing “If I’m here all night, wake me in the morning.”  This verse continued to cycle through his head for about 2 weeks, when finally, Doug, who is not a musician and had never written a song before in his life, sat down and tried to get the words out of him.  As he explains it, he sat down with a pen and paper, and before he knew it, the sheet was filled with words.  As a veteran of the Korean War, Doug experienced some very raw and unforgettable days, and he also lost some very good friends.  He sincerely believes that one of those friends is responsible for the words that he wrote down and he believes that he is an acting conduit for his fallen comrade.  I believe him too.  At this point of the conversation, I was covered with goosebumps and hanging by his every word.  He went on to say that he had several times considered just sending the poem down to Nashville and seeing if anything ever came of it, but never actually got around to doing it.  He had just come across the poem again the past Sunday, and him and his wife again discussed the logistics of getting it into the hands of someone who could formulate a song out of it.  Doug then, for whatever reason, decided he was going to try to find a local musician to give it to.  The following Tuesday he came in to the nursery to get some daphne plants.

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