Crooked Red

It has been a long time coming. What started as a fanciful idea has now come to fruition! On June 21st, we will be proud to release Crooked Red! Our band has deep roots in some extremely important facets of America’s agricultural sector. From wheat to hops to apples, we have seen it all, but the most exciting and emerging segment of Washington State’s economy is certainly wine grapes. This is where the Crooks come in. We are proud and elated to announce the release of Crooked Red, a big, bold, and rocking red produced and bottled by Naches Heights Vineyards. Just as NHV is gaining appeal and critical acclaim in our region, so are the Crooks, and we are absolutely thrilled to be partnered up with them! We would love to have your company Friday the 21st of June, come help us celebrate this historic night! For more information please visit our website or just show up at NHV at 6pm. Free entrance, but limited capacity so show up on time! Let’s get Crooked!!!!



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