Dela Where? Newark…that’s where.

After pulling out of North Carolina on Tuesday we made our way north toward Virginia.  One of the advantages of being in a seven piece band is the collective network between all of us.  A lot of times, no matter what city we are playing in one of us either knows someone, or knows someone who knows someone, who will be attending our show.  This also reigns true in terms of lodging.  So far, we have been very fortunate to have such a large network of friends and family who are able and willing to house seven full grown, stinky men.  We had arranged a visit to stay with a good friend of Eric’s mom, MaryLynn and her ultra-scholar husband, Mehdi.  On our seven hour drive up to Lorton, Virginia we had to make a pit stop so Chris could get his fill at Hardee’s; a sister of Carl’s Jr.  He was thoroughly and beefily  satisfied.  Upon our arrival we were greeted with smiles, hugs and a large home-cooked meal that we’d been longing for.  Our stay was outstanding!  Can’t wait to see you on Sunday when we play in D.C.

The next morning we were greeted with a big breakfast and then were off to Newark, Delaware.  The drive couldn’t have gone better.  We were greeted with sunshine and rolling hills of deciduous forests.  It was awesome.  We really hope to return in the fall to see those trees in their autumn colors.

During the drive I had been charging my phone in the front of the van.  Upon our arrival I unplugged it only to find six missed calls from my fiance’, Mo and her mother.  “Holy %^&! I hope everything’s alright!”  I called the both of them back only to find out that Mo’s half brother lives in Newark!  I couldn’t believe it.  Carlos and his wife Amy even invited the band to crash at their house for the night…a big expense-saver for us!  The early evening was going great.  They took me out to dinner and I was able to get to know them better.  The night couldn’t have been going better until I found out that Mo’s other brother Danny and his wife Karice were driving up from Baltimore to see the show! Karice is 8 months pregnant, what a trooper! Next time you think you are too tired to come out to a show, think of  Karice!!

So it turns out that Delaware, the first state to ratify the American Constitution, is also one of the first places to visit if you are ever out east.  It’s a beautiful place with intriguing people and copious amounts of diversity. The Crooks will be sad to leave.

Next Show: Mojo 13 Wilmington, Delaware 10 pm Thursday, July 14th


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