Everything is Bigger in…

Cody was the first to see him sitting across the parking lot in his white truck with an official emblem on the side.  I was slightly nervous, fearing we might be about to get a big fat Texas-sized citation; considering one of the tents was still set up.  Cody whistled to the boys around the fire as I walked over to the tent to warn Joe, Greg, and Chris.  “You boys might want to think about getting up,” I said, “There’s a Texas Ranger …or some official truck coming into the park slowly and he’s headed our direction.”  Sporting confused mugs and boxer shorts, the boys shot up and started getting dressed.  Cody and I stood side-by-side, looking like soldiers on the front line anxiously awaiting the enemy’s gain; and fearing the worst.  As the truck pulled up next to our van we could see a shield on the side with the words, Lake Patrol. “You boys can’t camp hur,” the officer said in a stern southern accent.  Slightly set aback and confused as to what to say, Cody stepped up and simply told the guy the truth…

We left Lubbock yesterday with no particular destination in mind, just a map, eight weary travelers, a loaded down trailer, and a desire to see the Texas countryside.  Being a bunch of country boys, we made sure to include our camping gear and planned on sleeping beneath the Texas stars somewhere along our journey.  We need to get to Galveston by Saturday, so I found a town in the general direction and set a new destination on the Garmin.

We reached Abilene in about 3 hours and asked a grocery store clerk her advice on camping locations in the area.  She suggested Fort Phantom Lake.  So, we drove another 7 miles north to our destination.  After driving in past the NO CAMPING! sign, pitching tents, and making plain ham sandwiches on bread we were settled in for the night.

Before too long we heard some commotion.  It turned out to be two local Texas boys trapping bait for their bass fishing trip the next day.  They had large nets that they were tossing out and bringing in ghost minnows.  They couldn’t have been nicer to us and they even allowed us to try a few tosses ourselves.  We didn’t bring anything in.  I think we might need some more practice tossin minnow nets.

…”To be honest sir, we’re a traveling band on a tight budget and we figured it would be best for us to pull off and sleep rather than continue driving tired,” Cody said.  “We have to get to Galveston by Saturday, and this looked like a nice place to stop.”  “Well, if you drive past sayn that’s tellin ya not to do somethin… you can’t do what it’s tellin ya not to do,” Officer Burdett explained.  “Well, you boys got any warrants?”  “Well, actually that’s why we’ve left Washington,” Cody said jokingly.  After making our new friend laugh and giving him an album, we were off Scott Free!  Before he drove away he looked at the name of our band and said, “I knew ya’ll’s were a bunch of Crooks!”



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    Ty, you make me laugh :)

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