Humility and Healing

Life is one huge paradox.  It is both rugged and fragile – one part pleasure and another part pain.  It may end tomorrow or last 100 years.  There are certain elements of life that we as individuals are in control of, but there are many times when our story is written for us.  When times get tough for Our friends or family members, we have an obligation to help them write happiness into their story.  As members of our communities and citizens of the world, we simply owe it to each other.  It is not possible to achieve anything in life without the love, support, and guidance of other people!


With this in mind, I would like to invite all of you to an awesome event on May 3rd in Yakima, WA.  That night, we will be releasing our new full-length album, “Out Here.”  While we are incredibly proud of the album and excited to share it with all of you, the true reason for the night is coming together in support of one of our own.  A hometown friend and an ardent supporter of CBC, Jared Yoakum needs our help!  At just 30 years old, he has been diagnosed with, and is being treated for a rare form of colon cancer.  Although he has an amazing emotional support system, cancer is a bitch, and she is expensive.  We all have a chance to help.


Having teamed up with Liberty Bottleworks, Yakima Craft Brewery, Naches Heights Vineyards, Coca-Cola of Yakima, Dutch Bros. Coffee, and Relay for Life, we are elated for the opportunity to put on one helluva fundraising party!  One of our friends is in need of some love, please come out and help the cause.  It will be an unforgettable experience!You can now get tickets online at or physical tickets at Liberty Bottleworks, Yakima Craft Brewery, Off the Record, and Dutch Bros. Coffee.


Thank you, all for reading and continuing to support our band; it means the world to us!


- Joe Catron

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