Life on The Road…

One thing’s for sure, The Crooks love Colorado!  We had an amazing time in Colorado Springs, Denver, and Fort Collins!  Thanks to everyone who shared these good times with us!  We also had the opportunity to play with Angie Stevens and The Beautiful Wreck!  If you ever get the chance, please check them out!


Being in a touring band is an interesting and exciting way of life, but it also comes with sacrifice.  One must accept the fact that you will be traveling in a van for eight, twelve, possibly even seventeen hours per day with the same five other poeple.  Most of the time you won’t know where, if at all, you’ll be sleeping each night.  Your friends and significant others won’t see you for months at a time.  And lastly, your diet will be unorthodox to say the least and most likely very off putting to most “normal” individuals; one of our personal favorites for this tour: chicken cans!  With all of these factors considered, you can begin to evaluate if this is the life for you.

After chewing on and digesting the lifestyle that comes along with being in a touring rock band, you can then begin to enjoy its fruits.  You have the opportunity to see new sights and visit every state in our country.  You are able to meet new and interesting people with every stop the van makes.  You have the option of making lifelong memories.  You might even have the opportunity to change someone for the better with the healing powers of music (my personal favorite).

I want to take this time to give some recognition where it’s deserved…If y’all didn’t know already, Eric happens to be the genius behind all of our photos and videos while we’re on the road.  So, thanks Eric for being you; a great friend, an amazing photographer, and an OK bassist!

“You only live once” is a popular term we hear being thrown around from time to time.  Whether this is true or not, I believe it’s important to live life to the most of your ability.  For some, that’s playing music around the world.  For others, gardening, farming, or running marathons.  Whatever it is, I encourage you to do it.

See ya on down the trail!


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