Lola, the world’s biggest 80′s dance party, and a rash…

After leaving Chuck and Toni’s yesterday morning, we made our way down to the Rose City!  Ahh, Portland…how I do adore you!  We pulled into town with about an hour to spare before we had to be at Music Millenium for our first in-store showcase.  We ran through the McDonalds dollar menu, each of us ordering two menu items; a trend, which is unfortunately going to be more and more frequent on the road.  Eating on a good budget plan certainly is not coupled with a good nutrition plan.   We played the showcase at the record store on the second floor balcony.  We had some friends show up and were also able to entertain a few local shoppers.  After playing an hour set we high tailed it outta there to sound check at Lola’s Room.

Lola’s Room is on the second floor of The Crystal Ballroom in Portland; a popular music and dance venue downtown.  During our sound checks a curious and most intruding bass boom was literally shaking the ceiling above us.  “What the hell is that?” Cody asked Jay, our sound tech for the evening.  “Oh, that’s 80’s video dance attack…and yes, it will be booming all night.”  The 80’s dance party is huge!  It is an old dance hall the size of a football field!  And it was packed with party-goers in leg warmers, Members Only jackets, and short shorts.

We did our best to ignore the intrusive annoyance from above and proceeded to compete with the noise.  We played a high energy set to a room full of intent listeners and a few great friends.  Including my friend Yuki who flew all the way up from California!  Thanks Yuki and all who came out in support of The Crooks!

I really can’t do much complaining at all so far, except for the fact that I have developed a rather uncomfortable and exceedingly itchy rash…maybe from sitting in the van too long?  This is a bummer, but I don’t intend it to slow me down!  Besides, it’s nothing a little Gold Bond can’t relieve!  Reno, NV here we come!

Seattle invades Cottage Grove, OR at The Axe and Fiddle TONIGHT located @ 641 East Main Street
Cottage Grove, OR 97424… Show starts at 9PM with opener Ivan and Alyosha who is also Seattle-based!


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  • Mackenzie on

    Tyler you leave your rash stories out of this blog!

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