Mustachios and Beer Nuts!

Today, Joe and I took off to run a few errands around Seattle…well, actually we drank a couple of them.  Our first stop was Georgetown Brewing Company.  If you know anything about us Crooks, it’s that we’re a bunch of “hop heads!”  No, this absolutely does not mean we have a drinking problem.  It simply means we enjoy the finer things in life.  Just like a Valley Girl enjoys a fine fake spray tan with natural hues of Orange, we Crooks enjoy a fine pint of hopped-up barley soda.  Why did we have to stop at Georgetown Brewing Company you ask?  Well, the band has been asked to showcase at an industry party hosted by London Bridge Studio; where we recorded Friends of The Old Mill. And because a few of us Crooks have made good friends with GBC, we are also providing the beer.  And not just beer, good beer…no, great beer!  So, Joe and I loaded up two fresh kegs of Mannys and one Porter and were on our way.  Of course we sampled a few tasters before running off.  We also met a few new friends while there… Howdy Dwayne, Wayne, and Terri!

Not only is it an industry party/musical showcase, but it’s also a good old fashioned mustache-themed hootenanny!  One that will surely make Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck proud!  Greg has even promised to glue pistachio shells to his upper lip and call it a “Mustachio”…or “Pistache;” whichever you prefer.  So, to humor our loyal readers I have included a couple sneak previews of our freshly fashioned flavor savers…enjoy…


















Crooks Out!

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  • philosoflux on

    That’s a fine mustachio for sure.

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