Out Here

Rain. There is a bitter-sweet melancholia and exuberant joy that puddles around everything in a rainy Seattle winter. There is an internal conflict. Should one recklessly stomp through dark puddles, covering everything in grit and mud? Should one hunker down by a fire with a cup of dark coffee and a new vinyl treasure from the local record store? Or, merely smile at the gray, knowing that our verdancy depends on it and will inevitably follow?

In December 2012, we recorded our sophomore, full-length album entitled “Out Here.” It is dripping with rain and steeped in the stories we lived and heard while touring as a blue-collar band the last four years. There is seriousness in these songs, and there is hope too.

“Out Here” is our band’s record of the past four year’s excitement and challenges. It is our way of making sense of the places we saw, the people we met, and the stories we heard. The album title itself is shared by one of our songs that tells the story of a one-hundred year old homestead in the Montana prairies and the tale of the people that lived and died there as immigrant homesteaders. Another of our songs tells the story of friends that are fighting cancer and loss, and there is another that tells the story of the ones we leave behind when we take to the highway…

However dark the stories we heard, the common theme was always hope. “Things were hard, but they got better.” “The challenges we lived through and experienced improved us. Those rough times helped us appreciate the beauty and opportunity around us. They shaped us”

Musically, “Out Here” is a raw, roots-rock Americana record. Producer John Goodmanson (Death Cab for Cutie, Brandi Carlisle, Nada Surf, Sleater-Kinney, The Posies) captured the live energy of our band, and the dynamic essence of our songs. “Out Here” was recorded at London Bridge Studios (Seattle) to analog tape, and it displays the warm edginess that is so characteristic of the classic Seattle sound. The songs were written collectively by all of Cody Beebe & The Crooks with additional arrangement by Jonathan Plum and additional writing by Tommy Simmons.

We were fortunate to have a wealth of incredible guest artists record on the album as well. All our guests are musicians we have performed live with, and we deeply respect their art and abilities. We would like to thank: Greg Floyd (guitar; Whiskey Syndicate), Fysah (vocals), Rl Heyer (guitar; True Spokes, Cracker Factory), Daniel Kamas (vocals), David Miner (tenor saxophone, horn arrangements), Skylar Mehal (guitar; Patrick Foster and The Locomotive), Tyler Paxton (harmonica, banjo), Tommy Simmons (vocals), Tim Snider (strings, electric fiddle), Andrew Vait (vocals; Eternal Fair), Pauline Wick (vocals; The Wicks), Steve O’Brien (trumpet)

“Out Here” will release on iTunes on May 7 with album release concerts on May 3 (Yakima, WA), May 10 (Neumos, Seattle), May 11 (Doug Fir, Portland), May 18 (Molly Malone’s, Los Angeles), and a West Coast tour immediately following.

-Aaron Myers

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  • Kellie on

    So excited for the new album, and to see you guys in June!

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