“One of the most memorable rock ensembles in the Northwest.”

- Alina Shanin // SeattleMusicInsider.com



“They nearly blew the roof off the joint with their energetic, highly charged roots-rock assault.”

-Chris Senn // Melophobe.com



“With Cody Beebe & The Crooks, a new breed of southern rock is alive and well, and oddly enough, it comes from northwest.”

-Derek Tobias // Examiner.com

“Out Here is an accomplished, organic step forward for Cody Beebe & The Crooks”

-Chris Senn // BackBeatSeattle.com

“Razor-sharp riffs, thunderous drums, and hair-raising vocals.”

-Ross Carlson// WorkinMansBlues.com

“A hybrid of Santana and Alice in Chains”

-Derek Tobias // Examiner.com

“Well-executed rock experimentation.”

-Megan Roos // BluesRockReview.com