Rehearsal Time!

After a great day of work here in the great Greenwood area, the band is preparing for yet another rehearsal.  Eric has been making beef jerky in the smoker and we have a pot roast awaiting our bellies to give us energy for practice.  There’s not much more news than that…just rehearsal and booking for the day.

A Day in the Life of the Crooks: After a successful barbecue, and a few games of Frisbeer, with friends last night the place was a little messy.  So, I made myself my usual breakfast, steel cut oats with yogurt and sliced bananas, then began to pick the place up.  Within about an hour it went from dirty dishes and beer cans everywhere to sparkling clean.  I’m not bragging or anything, but I’m a really good house cleaner.  Any one want to hire me?  Anyway, after cleaning up, and filling up my coffee cup, Cody, Joe, Eric and I headed down to the office to receive a call from Pat, a writer with The Yakima Herald Republic.  They are running an article on us being local musicians and headlining the fair.  We all talked about how blessed we feel to be able to play on the main stage this year.  We also talked about memories we all had of the fair being kids.  Cody played with his uncle onstage when he was only seven years old.  I personally remember being five years old and watching Clint Black at the Yakima Fair.  I saw him playing the harmonica and I knew that I wanted to play it as good as him someday.  Well, it hasn’t necessarily come full circle, but I do get to play on the main stage this year.  We are all very stoked for the show.  I hope to see a lot of familiar faces out in the crowd this Friday.  We hit the main (Coca Cola) stage at 7:30pm!

Crooks Out!

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