As I sit here typing this blog, Eric, Aaron, Joe, and Cody are down in the convention room setting up our booth.  We are here for the Western Fairs Association; a convention of talent buyers and…well, talent.  This is our second annual trip to Reno for the WFA and it certainly proved viable for us last year.  As a band on the road, playing the fair circuit is a great way to sustain our passion as well as meet some pretty interesting people along the way.

On the drive from Eugene, OR to Reno, NV yesterday we saw some of the most beautiful countryside our nation has to offer.  From the quaint town of Grants Pass, OR to the famous Weed, CA, we were privileged to meet new memories, add some new photographs to our repertoire, and add a few more miles to the van.  Just before we crossed the Nevada border we pulled over for a cold beverage and a few snapshots of the pristine environment we were immersed in.  Take a look at this shot Eric took with a slow shutter speed: 

In addition to the laughs and sights we shared, we have also begun a Shake Weight/Perfect Push Up regimen.  Our goal is to look like the yoked gentlemen on the infomercials by the time we’re back to Seattle. . . I think it’s a pretty realistic goal.

The Crooks would like to extend a VERY special thank you to a few great friends and family that have helped us along the way.  Thank you Toni, Chuck, and Maisy for the amazing hospitality in Olympia.  Thank you to Rian Lewis and his understanding roommates for their hospitality in Portland.  Thank you Uncle Peter, Aunt Natalie, Tucker, and Evan for allowing us to crash once again.  And thank you for an awesome surprise from a great friend, Leslie, who baked us some of the greatest homemade cookies we have ever had in the van!  We are truly grateful to have all of these special people in our lives who make what we do possible.


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  • Leslie Boggs on

    Glad you enjoyed the cookies. It was nice to finally meet the rest of the Crooks. You are all very kind, down-to-earth guys who deserve great success. Your music (and this blog) make me smile :)

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