I recently read a book that claims talent has a lot more to do with geographical location than the actual talented individuals themselves.  It’s not a coincidence that a lot of professional soccer players come out of Brazil.  Yes, soccer is a big part of their culture and in some areas of the world, “tradition is law,” but the talent in the sport that continues to bloom out of Brazil is uncanny.  One thing is for sure; the idea that geography governs talent is, with no doubt in my mind, factual.

So, what is it about Seattle that causes musicians to continue to seep out of the woodwork?  Since the funk and jazz scene of the 60’s and 70’s to the famous grunge scene of the 90’s, Seattle musicians continue to fill the air with new and innovative music.  Is it the dreariness of the rainy season that sparks enough emotion in us to write down heartfelt lyrics and perfectly placed chord progressions?  Or does the Space Needle somehow channel musical talent-energy from alien satellites which in turn absorbs into the ground and then into the humans that walk the city only to come out through emotional vocals and insane guitar shreds?  Whatever it may be, we feel sincerely blessed to call Seattle our home and to be a part of such an incredible music scene.

Last week Joe, Cody, Eric, Rich, and I headed north to the Destiny Worldwide Studios where Tommy Simmons has been recording his new album.  A few days before we arrived Greg had added some tasty solos to the mix.  During our visit Cody helped with harmonies and laid down a few vocal tracks, while Joe added some organic beats on the djembe.   Eric also laid down some guitar tracks.   We stayed at the studio until about 11pm when we realized that getting rested is just as important as laying down the tracks.  Ryan, Tommy’s producer, ran the board smoothly all night and even helped us set up in the recording room for a live take of one of Tommy’s beloved songs…I can’t say which one quite yet.  In fact, I don’t even know if it will be included in the new album, but it’s a beauty!  Be on the lookout for Tommy’s new album soon!

Cody Beebe & The Crooks will be performing in Yakima at The Sports Center this Saturday, December 18th at 9pm w/ special guest Daniel Kamas!


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