Stuffy Noses, Smokey Casinos, and a Squirrel Monkey…

Slightly hung over and feeling ambitious, I awoke this morning with a desire to go on a jog around Reno.  I threw on my shorts, took the elevator downstairs to inquire about nearby jogging paths and was on my way.  With the cold air in my lungs and pristine, white mountain peaks in the distance, it was a beautiful morning!  After a shower and a few ounces of water I was downstairs with Chris and Aaron surfing the net and drinking coffee.  Meanwhile, back in the room, Cody, Eric, Joe, and Greg caught a few extra Z’s before the start of day two at the convention.

Our day at the booth proved worthy once again.  We met a few new people, who are possibly interested in hiring us for a fair gig, as well as greeting a few new friends we had met at the hotel suite after parties from the night before.  Other than petting a baby kangaroo and shaking hands with a 2 month-old squirrel monkey, it was a fairly average day for a fair convention.

So far, Reno has been a blast and very rewarding.  Set aside a few setbacks, including the fact that in Nevada you can still smoke in-doors as well as a head cold, which I generously shared with Cody, this trip has been wonderful.


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