The Office: season 2, episode 3

There’s no doubt that being in a band is a lot of fun.  However, being on stage and actually performing our music is not even the half of it.  In fact, I would say playing music equates to about 5% of our time and efforts, with the other 95% going toward other aspects of the business.

This may come as a surprise to a few of you, but just take wineries or breweries for example.  Sure, you get to show up to a tasting room and try their delicious concoctions right as you enter the building.  However, before they pour their craft into your tasting mug, the master brewer had spent countless hours, weeks, months, and in some cases, years to reach the end product.  A band is really no different.

Being a seven-piece band, we have the advantage of accomplishing a lot together.  So far, we have been lucky enough in putting our efforts together; with a few of us shining in certain departments.  One key aspect of being a good leader is job delegations.  That doesn’t just mean assigning jobs to whoever.  It means seeking out specific talents within the members of the business and allowing them to shine.  Cody, and the rest of us, have done a great job coming into our own organically.  As a collective, we have a strong marketing, business, accounting, broadcasting/recording, and music theory background; all of which happen to be key elements in the working engine of a small up and coming band.  Go Crooks!

Any member disputes?  It’s simply solved the old fashioned way!  Arm wrestling.

We are stoked to see some of our family and friends at The Brick Saloon this Friday, April 15th!  Show starts at 9pm!


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