This Old Road

It’s so dark in the desert that the van window only reflects LED’s pulsing from our various, scattered electronics. Cody is behind the wheel for the night drive, and I am doing my best to act as sentinel. Riding shotgun, eyes peeled for deer or the sandman… my head drops to my chest and rolls to “rest” on the door window.

Or was Joe behind the wheel and was it in Eastern Montana? The native grass was so tall along the highway, there was no chance of seeing the deer before they were in the middle of the road, and it was pitch black.

Or, maybe it was the desert. It could have been Arizona or New Mexico, and I was in the back seat trying to sleep. Every vibration of the road amplifies through the steel frame of the van, and the parabolic focal point is the back seat. No rest for the weary.

Whoever is driving pulls onto an approach and into the pasture off the road. Eric grabs his camera, and begins an impromptu photo shoot in the middle of the night. Long exposures capture stars from horizon to horizon, and the feeling that I am under an unfamiliar sky haunts my sense of awe. Hundreds or thousands of miles from anyone that I really know, and this breath of an unsettling feeling is barely tugging at my mind. But, there it is… tugging.

It is almost always night when it is there, the subtle insistance of that feeling. During the day, there is an abundance of views, experiences, jokes, and sidetrips to drown it out. When we’re performing, I can’t hear it at all.

It’s the surreal unfamiliarity of everything that causes it. There is very little security in what we’re doing and no tangible connection with so many of these places we breeze through. We’re perpetually tourists, perpetually guests in your city. We’re there long enough to observe, but not long enough to join. Sometimes, Out Here, it is lonely. It gets hard to provide yourself with an answer to the why.

photo by Eric Miller

photo by Eric Miller

Then…  The sun’s tangerine fingers stretch toward nests of fog that blanket a winding creek in Minnesota. I wake up to the lilting melody of a Western Meadowlark in the mountains of Colorado, millions of gallons of turquoise water sprint recklessly for the sea at Niagara Falls, I hear wolves cry across a lake in Western Montana, and we watch a grizzly bear lazily meander through an olive glade in Glacier National Park…

We pull up to the stage for our performance at Galveston’s Mardi Gras celebration. The city is buzzed with the sense of the now. We get a packed street festival bouncing and swaying in Albany, New York. We turn on the radio in Knoxville, Tennessee, just in time to hear our song “Waiting on You” rip across the airwaves. We load into The Bus Stop Music Cafe in Pitman, New Jersey, and are welcomed by friendly and familiar faces. We are sidestage and nervously getting ready for our first industry showcase in California as we watch the act directly before us – Stevie Nicks. We hear our album “Out Here” for the first time on vinyl. We watch lightning strike thirty times a second over the prairie at night.

After a long few weeks on the road, we pull into the yard of a friend or family member that is housing us for the night and giving us a needed taste of home.

The past five years has been everything: amazing, exciting, brilliant, trying, revealing… And, it was you that made it possible. By attending our shows, buying our merch or music, being at Chinook Fest, following our progress, and sharing our videos – everything that you’ve done to support us.

So, for Thanksgiving, we want to show you what you helped us do. With our video for “This Old Road,” we want to take you with us to look back. Our bassist, Eric Miller (the tall guy with a camera welded to his hand) has gone through an incredible amount of backlogged footage and edited together something that we know you will enjoy and something we will always cherish as a reminder of where we’ve been. Also, to thank you for putting us on the road, “This Old Road” will be available for download in a ‘pay what you want’ format including FREE.

Thank you.


photo by Eric Miller

photo by Eric Miller

-lyrics by Cody Beebe, additional lyrics by Eric Miller

This old road
It takes me home
It’s the only place that knows where I’ve been
And the radio
It plays that song
That takes me back to where I began

But each time I run, I always come back again
And the rhythm in my head…..

Back and forth, we’re here and gone
Ebb and flow, to where I belong
On this old road

We got the rhythm and blues
The rhythm of my shoes
Slappin’ the streets of my home town
I see the same old sights
Through the same old eyes
If I once was lost, again I’m found

It gets me so high, I don’t know if I’ll come down
And the rhythm in my head…..

Back and forth, we’re here and gone
Ebb and flow, to where I belong
There will always be something more that we can become
On this old road

This old road

photo by Xander Deccio

photo by Xander Deccio

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  • Sue Brown on


    This is an enlightening view of the ‘other side’. Bands come and go and we try to welcome them and make them feel as comfortable as possible. Sometimes we take an extra step when someone special comes along (haha!).
    Thank you for all of the updates about what you guys are up to. Even though it’s been a while since our paths have crossed, it feels like yesterday!

    I wish you (all) much continued success and happiness!
    It’s well-deserved.

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