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Well, it’s Tuesday again.  This day may not mean much to a lot of you, but it sure as heck is a great day for us Crooks!  Tuesday just so happens to be a rehearsal day for us and I can speak for the band as a whole when I say, “TGIT!”

To us, rehearsal is not just a time of reflection on current songs, it’s also a time for free jamming and new ideas.  In fact, on Saturday we had an all-day rehearsal and came up with some pretty sweet new material.   Ah yes, rehearsal time! …A time of joy, a time of much hug giving, a time of laughter, and a time of letting go.

A few blogs back I discussed Chris’ new drum case and what a great addition to our gear it was!  Well, as if Chris’ drums weren’t already magnificent, Cody had the idea of spicing them up even more!  For reasons that will go untold at this juncture, Chris Greens’ nickname happens to be “Puffalo.”  Why, you ask?  Well, as far as you’re concerned maybe the guy just likes buffalos and is unable to pronounce his b’s.  Regardless, around here, he’s known as Puffalo.  So what did Cody do?  He painted a badass portrait of a buffalo in a winter scene, of course.  Feast your eyes on this beauty!…

If our music can’t lure you into our next show (hopefully it does?…) then this original piece of drum head art will!  Cody Beebe… not just a singer/songwriter, but a painter as well.  Perhaps the next Bob Ross?  He’s already got the red hair thing going for him!  What do you think?



We hope to see you at The Seasons Performance Hall in Yakima on Saturday, November 13th at 7pm!


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