Venice Beach, Granny’s House, and Forgotten Gear…

As I sit here typing this, the sound of the opening band is echoing throughout Moe’s Alley.  Tonight we are playing in Santa Cruz.  We are excited to meet a few new friends and are itching to get on stage.

It’s 8:30, we go on in two hours, and still no sign of Greg and Rich!  Last week we played in San Francisco and, in our frenzy of a departure, Greg left behind his pedal board.  This is a bummer because San Fran is about 7 hours of a drive north of where we’re staying near L.A.  Fortunately for Greg, our gig tonight is about 90 miles south of the Bay Area.  So, as we pulled up to the venue earlier this evening, we unhitched the trailer and Greg and Rich high-tailed it up the 101 to recover the expensive piece of gear.  Hurry up, boys!

We arrived into the greater L.A. area two days ago with a VERY warm greeting from Chris’ grandparents.  We pulled the van and trailer up to a quiet neighborhood (if you can believe that exists in L.A. County) and before we could step out of the van Grandpa Wallace was there with a big hug and smiling from ear to ear.  We didn’t have two feet in the door and Grandma Adrielle was there with hugs to go all around.  The kitchen counter was stocked full of chicken wings, pot stickers, mixed nuts, chips and dip!  And I can’t forget about the stocked ice chest out back.  WOW!  We all felt like little kids again getting spoiled by our grandma and grandpa.  Thanks for the good food and even better company G&G!

Yesterday we spent the day at the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach.  We had a meeting scheduled with a friend of Deborah’s who works at Universal Records.  Nothing to be alarmed at, Cody, Chris, and Joe just had a meet and greet as well as a small tour of the building.  And as for the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach, I can’t really begin to describe the characters jostling up and down the boardwalk.  From the hippy playing an electric guitar on roller blades trying to sell us CD’s to the nearly-naked, very sculpted, very oiled-up man dancing on the beach in front of us!  WOW!..and it’s only been a week and a half!  Next stop L.A. for two days then off to Vegas.

Cody Beebe & The Crooks are performing tonight at Moe’s Alley in Santa Cruz, tomorrow at El Cid in L.A., and Friday at Room 5 in L.A.


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