Yakima…here we come!

Although playing sold out shows in the Seattle area feels good and gives a band the confidence that it needs to persevere, this doesn’t yet transfer from city to city.  If we traveled 100 miles south, most of the people in the venue wouldn’t know who the hell we were; Cody baby and the robbers?  What’s their name?

What are we going to do next?  We want radio play, but none of the major hit stations want to play a local independent artist and all of the local indie stations think we are too mainstream to be aired …I guess this is a good and a bad situation to be in.  But what are we supposed to do?

Besides putting a few thousand more miles on the van and pushing our music through various media including a new music video, set to be released this spring, we are now in the position of trying to figure out where and what we are going to do next with this music venture.  The answer: keep pushing forward, continue to play venues that have never heard of our name (in hopes that they will remember next time we are in town), never forget to smile, breathe, and know that nothing worth achieving in life is easily obtainable.

We didn’t choose this career path because it’s easy, we are playing music because we are artists who have passion at an attempt to heal, create joy, and inspire other humans emotionally.  We are the glue between dreams and everyday life.

On another note…Rich is growing his beard back!   Also, Happy Birthday to our dear friends and December babies, Ty Davis, Doug Sterns, and KC McFerson!

Yakima/Selah…here we come!  A view of an autumn Selah sunrise!


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